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Passed The Fifty Year Mark

Since 1963 Wagman Metal Products Inc has been a leading supplier of power trowel replacement blades and floating pans in the concrete industry. We thank our dealers and customers for their continued support.

Now that Wagman Metal has passed the fifty year mark, we’re constantly striving to keep things fresh and new. We’ve been a leading supplier of power trowel replacement blades for over fifty two years, and thanks to my wonderful group of co-workers we’re still at the top of the heap. Through hard work and constant attention to detail, my staff has managed to keep our loyal customer base supplied in a timely fashion with the quality concrete finishing products they have come to know and trust. I know founders George Wagman Sr. and Jr. would be proud.

My own experience started at WMP, back in 1980, and the years have taught me well. What this means for you, is an owner who is hands on and dedicated to bringing you the best quality finishing products at competitive prices with reliable service and inventory. After all, it’s got my name on it. I will always stand behind the products we sell, I guarantee it!

Looking back reveals the innovation and ingenuity this company has brought to the flatwork industry. Wagman has lead the way over the years with new products like the Gold Pro Blade, the Blue XL Blade, and the entire line of Poly Pro Blades. When the ride-on power trowel first started becoming popular, Wagman was one of the leaders to offer float pans – the highly popular Pro Float Pan.

Our Pro Tool line has been a hallmark of ingenuity and alternative design from its earliest days. Ideas like T-slots and curved high screed walls have pioneered bull floats, hand floats, and our unique speed float. Our new line of hand trowels offers the hand finisher some of the highest quality tools at extremely competitive prices.

More recently we’ve pioneered the use of the power trowel for alternative uses. Our development of the Revolution Rotary System, has spawned a new era in trowel based floor clean up tools.

This development has also lead to our exciting new line of diamond polishing tools all run from your power trowel. The GHP System ushers in a new era in low cost diamond grind, hone, and polish capabilities.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t finish with a nod to our Eco friendly chemical products that will help save you time and money. Eco Coat and Eco Crete are designed to be your environmentally friendly partners in keeping your equipment clean, your forms from sticking and your clean-up chores easy.

George F Wagman III
President, Wagman Metal Products Inc