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Steel Trowel Blades & Accessories

Wagman steel trowel blades use a torque flex steel. Wagman torque flex steel is specially formulated to provide the most wear-resistant high-performance power trowel blade available. We give you more options with four different performance levels for a variety of needs. Check out our economical Matador Red Trowel Blades, our original Spartan Silver Trowel Blades, our durable Ranger Blue XL Trowel Blades, or our ultra-durable Gladiator Gold Pro trowel blades. Wagman rivets are precisely sized and pressed to securely attach the mounting bracket to the blade, preventing separation. Wagman's mounting brackets are made on a state-of-the-art bar system, ensuring every blade fits your power trowel the same. The holes are tapped with precision to provide the best possible fit to the power trowel. From raw materials to finished product, Wagman trowel blades are made to provide the most balanced-wearing blade possible. Through field testing, Wagman has determined the precise degree of bend for maximum performance.