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G3 Chemicals

The Wagman G3 Series is the first and only complete holistic system designed for concrete floor slabs that encompasses the entire process from before construction, concrete placement, concrete finishing then polishing the finished floor, maintenance and making the floor a functional piece of architecture.

Wagman G3 System Refines:
  • Mix Design
  • Slab Placement Procedures
  • Floating
  • Finishing
  • Curing
  • Polishing
  • Protection
  • Maintenance
G3 Chemicals Spec Guide:

G3 Chemicals SDS Sheets:

G3 Admix-7 Chemical G3 Admix-7 SDS Sheet

G3 Cutting Fluid Chemical G3 Cutting Fluid SDS Sheet

G3 Dense Chemical G3 Dense SDS Sheet

G3 Finish Aid Chemical G3 Finish Aid SDS Sheet

G3 Guard Chemical G3 Guard SDS Sheet

G3 Heavy Cleaner Chemical G3 Heavy Cleaner SDS Sheet

G3 Light Cleaner Chemical G3 Light Cleaner SDS Sheet

G3 Ultimate Chemical G3 Ultimate SDS Sheet