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AC Wagman Pro Pump Express Power Sprayer

AC Wagman Pro Pump Express Power Sprayer

Price: $1,202.78
WPCS-03100 AC
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The Wagman PRO PUMP EXPRESS is ultra-portable and compact with BIG spraying power designed to replace gasoline engine type sprayers.
It can be positioned on top of almost any container.
The PRO PUMP EXPRESS easily sprays high solids and high-viscosity products. The pump reduces contamination and spillage by dispensing products directly from their packaging. Simply insert the suction line, plug it in, turn it on and you are ready to spray.
Designed to spray cleaners, concrete sealers, form oils and other release agents, fertilizers, stains, herbicides, pesticides, curing compounds (including white-wax cures and other high-solid products) and deck sealers, stains and cleaners.

  • 120V AC power unit in a steel enclosure
  • 25 ft. chemical resistant application hose
  • 3' 10" suction hose with brass nozzle and screen
  • 2 brass wand extensions (18" straight and 18" curved)
  • 1 brass control gun with brass barb end
  • 2 brass fan tips (1.0 gpm and 0.5 gpm)
WARNING: Not to be used with or near flammable liquids