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Rick Beal from Beal Enterprises Documents the Wagman Van Experience

The Wagman Van Experience

Wagman Metal Products is known for it’s high quality Concrete Trowel Blades & Pans.  Wagman is known of its ability to fit every make and model of trowel; in fact, not just to fit it, but to fit it well.

Before having the Wagman Van, as sales people, we traveled to our customer showing one or two products at a time. We came in with each new catalog and went through the various sections with them. We attended shows with all the various Wagman Prodcuts on display. But somehow customers had a hard time remembering all the great products Wagman has beyond the blades and pans.

Since having the Wagman Van; it feels, for the first time, like they will remember. It feels like they now can physically take the time to touch and discuss products with them in their hands. The catalog, as important as it is, was somehow not quite as real. The shows and conventions were large and hugh, people were pressed for time, or distracted.

The Van has been the greatest tool for showing both existing and potential new customers the depth, breadth, and quality of the Wagman line of products in a way that they remember. It has shown them up close and in person exactly what is available.

The Wagman Van is a wonderful way to present in a professional and direct manner just who Wagman Metal Products is. I’d drive it every day if I had the chance.

Thank you Wagman Family for the chance to be a pro.

Rick Beal

Beal Enterprises

Mfg. Rep. for Wagman in Southern California