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Float Pans

Precise Dish: A precise dish and flange design prevents "oil canning" and helps prevent the pan from digging into the concrete. The precise dish provides consistent super flat floors.
Heavy Duty Clips: Wagman Pro Float Pan clips are mig welded on three sides to ensure maximum strength and prevent blades from jamming.
High Performance Steel: Our complete line of Pro Float Pans use specialized float steel to provide consistent wear for maximum performance and longer life. 

Tips for Best Panning Results:
Rotate Pans:
Conditions on your ride-on power trowel may cause pans to wear unevenly. Rotate y our pans midway through use on ride-on power trowels for optimal life.
Set Blades Flat: Set blades to the flattest position possible during operation. If blades are pitches they may cause the pan to wear faster. 
WCRB - Preferred Panning Blade: Wagman WRCB blades have an extra wide mounting bar with extra rivets for increased strength making them the ideal blades to use with a float pan.