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Revolution Rotary System™

Turn your power trowel into a powerful floor scrubbing machine. Power trowel owners can now use equipment they already own to do scrubbing and stripping projects they would have had to subcontract or rent equipment for in the past. The Revolution Rotary System is a patented solution available only from Wagman Metal Products.

The bearing driven Rotary System allows the Revolution Brushes to spin with the trowel's spider arm while revolving the opposite way on their own axis.

This creates a scrubbing pattern that is ideal for stripping, scrubbing and cleaning while prolonging the life of the brushes.

The Revolution Rotary System comes in two parts:

The Rotary System Mounts

First choose the size Rotary System Mount you need based on the diameter of the trowel it will be used on

The Revolution Brushes

Then select the appropriate Revolution Brush for the application

Once you order the Rotary System Mount you can use it over and over again with any brush you choose.